Internally Illuminated

Internally Illuminated

Are you looking to have Internally illuminated awnings that with rigid frame awnings? Are you looking awnings  with a light source or without light  structure? you are at right place we are signs solutions for all you need.

Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings team alway  look at the manufacture any shape of awnings with tube aluminium  and the application of the graphic must take into consideration  for the light source to avoid shadows from graphic or lettering.

We offer translucent media or lettering to awnings pop up in neighbourhood.  Also, we would like to have your  awnings graphic  have more durability by clear laminated over graphic or if only using company name we offer Avery 9 vinyl with any colour such as wight colour, black, red, green …

For any reason would like to your awning instead covering with fabric be with aluminium sheet and be code painted with any colour you choose  let’s us know SOLUTIONS PRINTING SIGNS AND AWNINGS have right equipment to offer this services.



awning Vancouver BC Canada. We offer different type of awnings and canopies in Vancouver BC Canada. If you are new or existing business let us know for all the signage you need in Big Vancouver BC even in USA. we offer signs and awnings in Vancouver BC canada we are located in Burnaby BC which it easy to go any cities in big Vancouver.
 let expert to do apply the fabric on you awnings and canopies in Vancouver BC Canada Solutions printing signs and awnings has been manufacture awnings and canopies in Vancouver BC


New System Awning:

The above is one of our job sample that only the one with no lettering we manufacture  and other one we only re-skin which old system but we didn’t make valance or any lettering for this particle project. However we offer all those services to our customers, manufacture the awnings, lettering, graphic, mash and valance for awnings in Vancouver BC, also we manufacture  mash for under neath of the awning to protect and beauty of  awning.

Solution Printing, Signs and Awnings Ltd, offer  Staple-in Framing System for fabric awnings and mesh awnings or canopies for those awning manufacture with aluminum tube and you see how  neat and clean is it,as you see at above example.

Old System Awning:

Most of awnings were made by old fashion system! Manufacture awning with steel is one of the example we do not  recommend our customers to having awning or canopies with steel metrical any more the disadvantage of that rusting after while and also we are not able to use staple-in Framing system so it has to be used grommets and rob not only for awning but also for mesh.

Some customers would like to still  using old frame it not problems we can re-skin the awning but the only problems when come to mesh don’t expect to making mesh as new awning we usually do the sam using robs and grommets. However, there are solution for that because we can add new framing to old frame but because we change the structural of the awning we need apply for permit as this requirement of any City Hall in BC furthermore  cost will be more for new mesh.