light Boxes

light Boxes

Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings produce light box in house. The exterior cabinet of lightbox  is strong and made by illumine, durable, extruded aluminum outdoor signage solution. Light box is especial for outdoor performance.

We build custom solutions light box such as

  •  2’x10′
  •  30″x24’
  •  3’x20′
  • 4’x25’…

We  maintenance the electrical of light box  if  your existing light box has problems. We can make light box with any color you wish for exterior. With this cabinet light box can be used with changeable vinyl lettering. Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings light box cabinets use for commercial, retail or industrial environment.

We do all the paper work in house to process your application for City… and Electrical permits also do full installation. If you are Sign Company and do not know how to make light box still doesn’t need to push your customer away and we can be in vender and still you keep your customers.

light box or front signs business or any type of signs will make big impact on your business in Vancouver BC light box signs with different sizes with decal and lettering will be make in house in Vancouver BC cheapest price, top quality Vancouver Signs maker is solutions printing signs and awnings


We develop light box  with LED lighting product and using the highest quality components available. Illuminated signs light box are back-lit signs that make your message shine and bright in night. Light box Signs come with different  sizes / custom , shapes, and colours. Also designs we have a lot of ideas for your design. There are so light boxes in Vancouver BC that manufacture  by other sign maker too let us to save you some money with added effect on your light box signs with trusted company like Solutions printing signs and Awnings for your business.
lluminated Light box signs draw attention  big attention at night while other signs are not visible , and also function effectively at daylight. It’s great chance to have Illuminated Light box  because  brightness  and colorful having good impression of your business, call us and we can advise you on the most effective form of illuminated sign for your business, and will provide a design and installation which will give maximum effect to your message, with a long life.