Metal Sandwich Board

Metal Sandwich Board

Solutions Printing Signs and  Awnings describe Sandwich Boards as combind of two boards that are hinged at the top and some of them chained  in middle. Sandwich board  stand upright about 45 degree angle with ground each side and hold advertising message displayed on both sides.

Metal A Frame Sandwich Boards Signs consist of a metal frame stand and 2 separate coroplast inserts for both side and it can be double sided which provided by Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings in Vancouver BC.

This option gives you the added flexibility of changing the advertising message periodically, no need to  replacing the entire frame.

You can change other side when you are ready for a new promotion was already is printed , simply pull out and slip in the other side. Coroplast Sandwich Board inserts are for outdoor business advertisement and also it is weather proof as well.

metal siandwich board

  • The standard option are available  alternative sizes:

  • 18″x24″
  • 30″x24″,
  • 32″x48″
  • 24″x18″
  • 30″x36″

A-frames  Sandwich board signs are an inexpensive way to use signs to advertise your business products and services. A frame Metal signs are use for following:

  • Cafes
  • Retail businesses
  • Hairdressers
  • Real Estate
  •  Service Industries.