Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering is one of the most used forms of advertising for indoor or outdoor as long as for sure in down future the business name will not be change!

Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings manufacture dimensional letters from metal, foam with aluminum surface, wood and plastic for

  • Indoor signs
  • Outdoor signs

Metal is by far the most durable and lends a sense of stability to the customer. Plastic is an excellent material for businesses and is live time warranty that needs effective lettering on a budget. Wood or foams lettering which can be painted with any color or apply lettering on front face. Foam with aluminum surface is come with shiny silver color, brash sliver color, gold color… Solutions Printing Signs and Awnings provide many variations of dimensional letters that can fit your idea and budget.

3D lettering usually do not have light but we recommend use a few lamps in top of 3D lettering with distance  so help visibility at night. If you need electrical work done please let us know ahead so our electrician assists you.